Yo yo yoo guys, long time no see no nada!

Yes I know how I preached about how I'll be keeping this blog updated etc but you have to forgive me, January exam took over my life, like literally I was leaving my house at like 7:00 and not getting back until 10/11 from the library, (hopefully it all pays off!) And my laptop has been broken for quite a while so I only have my big 'slow annoying' PC which makes blogging much much harder, hopefully I find a way to do quicktime posts on my iPhone while I wait to get it repaired. I guess things will start kicking off with this blog/my youtube/life again when the times right..

Alsoooooo, I need your advice! I bought this Yeti Coat/Long fur coat whatever you'd like to call it but the thing is I don't actually know if I want it now. I bought it from ASOS it went down to £22 from £75 and with student discount I got it for like £20 which is an actual bargain! But I feel it may be too statement-y for me, the thing is this year one of my resolutions was to be more statement-y with fashion, hair etc but I guess it's easier said than done! I live in a city which is basically not London so I don't think people understand/value fashion as much but oh well... we'll see! What do you think?