Shirt - Vintage (Debenhams) // Jeggings - H&M // Blazer - H&M // Trainers - Nike Air Max 
Watch - River Island  // Rings - Random // Necklace - New Look

Hey guys, long time since I last posted I know I'm sorry. From now I have a schedule where I am going to aim to post at least twice a week. It's not that I forget about this blog, because I honestly don't! The problem is actually making time to take shots of my outfits in the morning just before heading out. But I promise I am going to stay determined and I am going to be consistent with this.. I either do this properly or I don't do it at all, and obviously the second option is not a choice hahaha!

Anyways to the outfit, I'm loving the sun we've been getting in England recently but I still don't think it's scorching hot for me to be showing lots of skin... instead I'm more about wearing lighter layers (and keeping my body an even complexion lol) I decided to make this outfit more casj by adding my all white air max's.

What do you think? Do shirt and blazers work with sneakers or should they just be separate? I love mixing things up so it's definitely a yes from me but I'd love to know what you guys think too?

Hope you have a lovely evening/day/week..
mwah ♥