It's been a little while, the only explanation I can really give is life. Anyways I'm not here to give endless explanations to why Mimibella has been a little dry, I just wanted to write down my current thoughts. 

Without going into too much detail this summer 14 'life' really hit me. Some of you may argue that I'm too young to say such thing, but I honestly found myself in situations that I never thought I would have to face at the age of 18/19. It obviously taught me a lesson, made me stronger, and encouraged me to to push outside my comfort zone. It's about time I COMPLETELY do me, and I mean 100 x infinity, enough compromising and enough of putting others before myself again and again when it's not even necessary.

Living life for others is uncomfortable, and it's even worse when you're not aware anymore. The gift about life is that it's yours, it's all in your hands, you decide what to do with it and in simple terms, there are no restrictions. Life is so short, but also so longgggg that you simply cannot afford to do anything other than what you truly love and want to do.  No one on this earth apart from God can ever tell me what to do, influence me to make certain choices and decisions because at the end of the day it is me that has to live with what comes after. Can you imagine how it must feel to make a certain decision based on what someone else told you to do and it fails, or it doesn't bring you the happiness you thought it would, then to top it all off, it's too late to do what you wanted to do initially.The thought of it scares me, it scares me a lot more than my actual dreams. If I'm going to end up messing up, it would make me feel a lot better if it was the result of my own decisions instead of someone else's. I'd feel even better knowing that I tried and didn't let fear take over

Which brings me to another point, what is the point in being alive if you're going to live everyday in fear? Fear of what exactly? Nothing in life is guaranteed, apart from death. I've come to the conclusion that the best way to get through certain things in life is to have the mentality of a child, remember how fearless we were as children, I don't recall thinking things through a billion times until I eventually talk myself out of it because I was scared, there were NO limitations, NO restrictions, NO constraints. If I had an idea or wanted to do something I would do it, even after 'mummy' and 'daddy' say no, simply because it's what I wanted to do. Sometimes it would even feel good doing something after someone said no, and even though there were consequences in the end the fact I did what I wanted to do was satisfying enough for me. As a child it was so easy to not see anything wrong with our ideas and leap into things then find our feet later and I don't see why this has to change as you become older. 

How else do you expect to be pushed outside your comfort zone and make change? Make progress? Don't get sucked and stuck in being mediocre, why settle for being mediocre when YOU could have been that o n e that was made for greatness? 

Now... whether you actually were or not? 

The ultimate decision is down to  y o u.