The Jean-Pierre Braganza SS16 fashion show took place in Brewer Street Car Park, a perfect distinct venue in the heart of Soho on Day 1 of London Fashion Week.
The Jean-Pierre Braganza collection consists of a variety of dresses, trousers and sassy jumpsuits. The garments in this collection are full of life and flow, they are not too tight on the body giving you that lovely feeling of freedom in the warmer months.
The colours in this collection are perfect for anyone who wants to try a bit of colour without it being too overwhelming. The collection has classic black pieces, whites incorporated with prints, beaming yellows and dazzling blues, which are perfect for those spring/summer events.
The textures in this collection seem to be very light, gentle and breathable, the pieces also allow you to layer, mix and match accordingly to your needs.
For a closer look at all the garments in the Jean-Pierre Braganza fashion show, do watch the video below, it will give you a greater insight on what the garments look like in real life and how they flow and fit the body.