Coat - H&M     ||     Shirt - Vintage     ||     Trousers - Forever21     ||     Shoes - Topshop

Hey guys... I'm outside again!

 I had a day off from uni (finally!) and decided I'm going to take the plunge and try and shoot some pictures by myself outside (with the help of my tripod of course!). I don't know if any other bloggers grab their tripod, switch on the autotimer and do everything themselves.. but let me tell you.. IT IS NOT EASY :/ Trying to get the focus right, making sure the lighting is correct and of course.. the audience. 

I can tell that blogging is going to make a very confident person by force!

Anyways, in today's outfit I am wearing my favourite high waisted trousers from Forever 21, I love these because they have detachable braces ...and I love me some braces! They instantly give any outfit that little dash of 90s with a side of inner 'geek'. I'm also wearing one of my most recent loves in my wardrobe, a pink polka dot shirt. Apologies, my camera made the pictures very bright so it's hard to see, but this shirt is perfect for me; the colour, the texture and of course, I had to tie up and pretend I'm a part of Christina Aguilera's Candy Man music video hahaha!

If you're a blogger, please let me know if you've ever shot outside by yourself? 
Do you have any tips for 'newbies' like me?

Hope you have a great week, lots of love...
Mimi ♥