Eyyy, we made it to a new year.. Happy new year!

Ask yourself, what have you done today to make you sure you are where you want to be tomorrow?
A lot of us, (including me) are dreamers. Ambitious and excited at the chance to be the artist to our own canvas. We are sometimes lost in our future, and manifesting our dreams and aspirations verbally and in writing but we slow down when it comes to manifesting physically. What are you actually doing today to execute your dreams for tomorrow?

Triggered? Me too sis. Let me tell you about myself, I was very good at making excuses as to why I was stagnant. I never had the right resources, it was never the right time, I never had enough experience, if I did anything today and flopped it will tarnish my image tomorrow so let me just hold on.

I'm sure we can agree 2017 flew by. I don't mean to scare you but we don't always have as much time as we think we have. If you do not get real with yourself and do something TODAY, you will still be in the SAME place tomorrow. Every day counts, and every day adds up.

Everyone hits their prime at different stages of their life, some in their early twenties, some in their thirties, and others in their forties and fifties. Regardless of what stage you will hit yours, you will only hit it as long as you are in action and doing something todayand tomorrow and the day after that. No action is too small or insignificant apart from no action at all.

Imagine you have plans to be a homeowner in the future, you can't solely rely on God, the universe or your fate to place a large lump of cash for your deposit in 10 years time. You have to start today, even if it is putting £5 aside every day, in 10 years time that small £5 a day will have created a significant difference on how able you are of achieving that dream of owning your own home.

I don't want to go into too much detail of my goals for 2018 and what they were in 2017, but I have learnt that sometimes you have close your mouth and stop talking so much. I will not get so caught up in manifesting my life, dreams and plans to others. You never know what the people around wish for your life and your future. 

Baby girl, face your front, actually work and let it speak for itself. Enough talking about grinding and making movements. Keep quiet and do your thing. 
In 5-10 years time we will see who was really working and who got lost in dreaming. 

Outfit details: Top - Vintage  ||  Trousers - H&M  ||  Shoes - Fenty Puma  || Bag  - Regina Rubens Paris